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Under Instructions From
Due to The Closure of the Plant




By Prior Arrangement with the Auctioneers

CATALOGUES: Available on INFOCALL 1902 935 650 for Day One
1902 935 651 for Day Two or
From our Web Site

BRIAN MANN 0417 403485
PETER OLSEN 0408 242094

PAYMENT: May be Made on Site During the Sale or thereafter at the auctioneer's office or by Telegraphic Transfer to Steers Pty Limited Trust Account 012 030 2165 13833 at ANZ Bank Broadwasy, NSW. To Avoid delays in clearance for delivery send fax Copy of Deposit to (02) 9630 8314

DELVERY: No Delivery will be permitted during the sale but limited delivery will be permitted at the conclusion of selling.

Before commencing to dismantle, purchasers must report to the engineer/supervisor on site. This is vital if oxy cutting gear is to be used. Any asbestos encountered must be removed by the purchaser in accordance with legislation and safety regulations governing its removal. In the interests of safety, certain lots will not be available for immediate delivery. This applies particularly to some buildings. Delivery periods and restrictions will be established prior to sale and noted in the auction catalogue. The Auctioneers and/or vendor reserve the right to dismiss from the site any person who fails to observe safety codes or does not comply with requirements of the engineer/supervisor.

Whilst every precaution has been taken to ensure the accuracy of the material contained in this brochure, Prospective buyers should make their own enquiries to satisfy themselves on all details and to ensure all items in the brochure are included in the sale.


Kill Floor Entry

Stainless Steel Hand Wash, 3 Station
3 Stainless Steel Apron Washes
Double Ended Knife Sharpening Sandstone
Stainless Steel Apron Wash and Bootwash

Kill Floor

“Jarvis” Galvanised Knocking Box, Right Hand Discharge with Head Restrainer
2 Downward Hide Pullers
“Applied Sorting” Back Stiffener, Model MK2
15 Stainless Steel Handwash Sterilizers
3 Apron and Boot Washes
Change Over Hoist
“Sastek” Dentition Station
Motorised Head Chain, 30m
Stainless Steel Slat Viscera Table, 25m
Rise and Fall Sawing Platform
20 Air Circulators
6 Roof Mounted Evaporative Coolers with Steam heating
Stainless Steel Carcase Wash
Stainless Steel and Mild Steel Elevated Work Platforms
“Sastek” Printerm VII Carcase Weightstation
40 Fluorescent Lights
10 halide Lights
Dressing Chain, 150m

Offal Room

4 Stainless Steel Topped Tables
2 Sorting and washing troughs, 5 Compartment
Gravity Roller Conveyor, 20m
“Sastek” Printerm III Carton Weightstation with Printer
30 Sealed Fluorescent Lights
Free Standing FDC Unit, 2 Fan
“Zip” Chillmaster Refrigerated Bubbler

Paunch Room

Stainless Steel Paunch Opening Station Single Umbrella
4 Air Circulator
Stainless Steel Handwash Sterilizer
3 “Frilec” Tripe Cleaner, 48”
Stainless Steel Tub Twin Compartment, 2m x 1m
2 Stainless Steel Topped Tables
2 Stainless Steel Handwash Sterilizers
Platform Scales, 60kg
20 Fluorescent Lights Sealed
Exhaust Fan, Wall Mounted
Refrigerated Bubbler


“NEC” Underbar fridge
Sewing Machine “Singer” 5522
2 Stainless Steel Topped Tables
4 PVC Mobile Bins, 1.5m x 600mm x 600mm
Commercial Clothes Washer and Dryer
15 Fluorescent Lights

Boning Room No. 2

Stainless Steel Boning Station, 14m with Poly Link Product Belt,
Fat and Bone and Fat Belt Conveyor Below
Brown Belt Over Roller Conveyor, 7m, Galvanised Frame
Digital Carton Scale, 60kg, Roller Base
Gravity Roller Conveyor Sections, 12m
2 “Muller” Sidedraft FDC Units, 2 fan
“Muller” FDC Unit, 4 Fan
40 Sealed Fluorescent Lights
Stainless Steel Double Sided Packing Station
Powered Roller Conveyor Below, 5m
Belt Conveyor Above
¼ Boning Chain, 25m
10 Assorted Stainless Steel Topped and Stainless Steel tables
5 Wall Mounted FDC Units, 2 fan
2 Halide Lights
“Toledo” Digital Track Scale, 150kg
2 Stainless Steel Poly Board trolleys
Stainless Steel Tub, 1.5m x 900mm x 900mm
“Sharpenset” Pedestal Knife Sharpener
25 Fluorescent Lights

Beef Chillers

108 Sealed Fluorescent Lights
6 Banks Galvanised Meat Rail, each 5 x 20'
6 Banks Coils with high Speed Fans
Stainless Steel retain Cage
Chiller De Humidifier Gas Fired

Boning Room No 1

Hydraulic Quartering Rail
FDC Unit, 4 Fan
7 x 6m Rail
2 Quarter Boning Stations, 25m each with Fat and Bone Belt Conveyors Below
30 Assorted Stainless Steel Topped Tables
30 Stainless Steel Poly Roll Dispensers
2 Motorised Belt Conveyors, each 20m
100 Sealed Fluorescent Lights
18 Elevated Work Platforms
2 Quarter Boning Chains, 25m each
Motorised Belt Conveyor, 20m
“Ross Industries” Stainless Steel tenderiser, Model TC700M with Stainless Steel Link Conveyor
“MQI 27” Boxed Boneless Meat Analysis System
Stainless Steel Carton Packing Station, 6m
“Cryovac” Stainless Steel Dip Tunnel, 2m
Stainless Steel Elevating Link Belt Conveyor with Air Blast
Friction Belt Carton Conveyor, 20m x 1m

Carton Room

“Crown” Electric Forklift, 1000kg Capacity, Model 20MT11OA
Hydraulic Pallet Elevator, 5m

Pre Breaker Room

“Powell” 2161 Pre Breaker
Screw Conveyor, 10m x 300mm
Screw Conveyor, 8m x 400mm

Carton Store

40 Heavy Duty Galvanised Pipe Carton Stands
“Crown” Electric Forklift, 1500kg, 3200 Lift Weight, Model 30WRTL126
2 “Sohn” model 6400 Label Printers

Carton Blast Freezer Area

2 “W & S” Continuous Carton Blast Freezers, 24 hours.
One manual Load, Automatic Unload Other is Manual Load and Unload
2 “Gordon” Sidedraft FDC Units, 2 Fan
Belt Conveyor, 12m x 500mm
Powered Roller Conveyor, 20m x 400mm

Freezer Store

4 “McNiece” FDC Units, 3 Fan
“Vikool” FDC Unit, 2 Fan.
Heavy Duty Galvanised Pallet racking, 237 Pallet Capacity
Powered Roller Conveyor, 80ft
Galvanised Bump Rail, 30m
Polystyrene Store Building, 80ft x 80ft x 27ft with Colourbond Roof Over

Cryovac Chiller

3 “Gordon” FDC Units, 2 Fan
Galvanised Bump rail, 320ft, 100m
Retain Security Cage
Polystyrene Structure 100ft x 60ft x 22ft
15 Square halide Lights
4 Pallets P.V.C. Carton Freezer Spaces
2 Hydraulic Hock Cutters
“Jarvis” MGI Brisket Saw
6 “Bettcher” Whizzard Knives and Spares
2 “Jarvis” Elastrators
Qty Check Weights
10 Stainless Steel Mobile Bins
Qty Hot Water Hoses
3 “T.E.C” Digital Platform Scales
Large Qty Spares


Following Plant Located at Dinmore to be offered at the start of Day Two

“Stord” Rotadisc Dryer, Type TST-20R 975 K.P.A.
“Wolf King Pinnacle Engineering” Horizontal Pressure Cooker, 6m x 3m 101 k.p.a.
4 “Wolf King Pinnacle Engineering” Horizontal Pressure Cooker, 5m x 2m
Batch Cooker, 12' x 5'
“Alfa Laval” Separator, Model B.P.M. 209N-74-11-4017-2
“Bayliss” Stainless Steel metal Detector 700 x 150 opening
“Raypack” Hot Water Boiler, Model 332WT
“Keith” Hogger with Outfeed Screw Conveyor
“Sulliscrew” Air Compressor, 25hp
12 Ton Mild Steel offal Bin with Outfeed Screw Conveyor
Mild Steel Horizontal Fuel Tank, 30,000 Gal
Offal Blow Tank, 1250kg
6 Mild Steel Pressure Vessels
Anerobic Pond Crust treatment Plant Organic Dehydrater


2 Pontoon Aerators
2 Heavy Duty Black PVC Pond Covers with Fans and Gas Burner

Engine Room

3 “Frick” Boaster Ammonia Compressor, 150hp
“Budge” 8 cylinder Ammonia Compressor
“Mycom” 8 cylinder Ammonia Compressor, 115kw
“Budge” 4 Cylinder Ammonia Compressor
“Mycom” 6 Cylinder Ammonia Compressor, 50kw
2 “Werner” Ammonia Compressor, 6 Cylinder
“Teikoku” Ammonia Pump
2“Nikisso” Ammonia Pumps
Ammonia Accumulator, 4m x 1.5m
“Stal” SRM Rotary Screw Ammonia Compressor, Model SRM 99574 S703E-20A, 150kw
“Stal” Rotary Screw Ammonia Compressor, Model S56-3F 110kw
“Mycom” Rotary Screw Ammonia Compressor, Model 200SG-MX, 185kw
“Mycom” Rotary Screw Ammonia Compressor, Model 200SG-MX, 185kw
“Mycom” Rotary Screw Ammonia Compressor, Model 160LG-MX, 135kw
“Multilin” 169 Motor Management rely
Ammonia Accumulator, 5m x 1.5m
Intercooler, 5m x 1.5m

Outside Engine Room

Horizontal receiver, 4m x 2m
“Armstrong” Ammonia Purger
“BAC” Evaporative Condensor, Model VXDS620
“BAC” Evaporative Condensor, 400 ton
“BAC” Evaporative Condensor, Model VXC130
“W & S” 200 Ton Evaporative Condensor
“Budge” 150 Ton Evaporative Condensor
“BAC” 100 Ton Evaporative Condensor

By Products

“Van Gelder” Hammer Mill, 100hp
“Stampco” Bulk Cake Bin, Mild Steel, 8m x 3m with Outfeed Screw
2 Bucket Elevators
Meat Meal Bin, 10m x 8m x 3m, Tapered Base
Stainless Steel Contra Shear, 2m x 1.5m
Hasher and Barrel Washer
Screw Conveyor, 8m x 500mm
Mild Steel Jacketed tank
Mild Steel Raw Material Bin, 10m x 3m with Outfeed Screw
“Keith” Pre Hogger with”Eriez” magnet
“Keith” Tallow Decanters 24x 38.
Vertical Heat Condenser , 8m x 2m
Stainless Steel Insulated Hot Water tank, 30000 Litres

Hide Room Under Kill Floor

Approx 2000 Beef Roller, Stainless Steel Hooks
Gear Rumbler
Link Belt Multi Directional Conveyor with Scale Head
2 Belt Conveyors, 3m & 5m

Hook Cleaning Room

400 Beef Slides, Stainless Steel Hooks
5 Hook Cleaning Tubs
Chain Hoist Overhead Ganry
Hook Conveyor from Hook room to Kill Floor

Gut Room

“Bitterling” Gut Stripper, Model MK4
Stainless Steel Chutes and Troughs

Cattle Yards

37m x 25m Covered Cattle Yards Heavy Duty Pipe Yards and Gates
25m x 15m 60m x 30m Open Cattle Yards, Timber Posts, Galvanised Pipe rails and Gates - Qty Timber Cattle yards with Gal Pipe Gates - Cattle Crush

Hide Shed

Stainless Steel Rumbler on Gal Stand


Submersible Pump, 25hp
“EMF” Pilot Arc Welder
“Wia” 300 Mig Welder
“Ramby Choke Welder
Double Ended Heavy Duty Grinder
“Dick” Model SN-110 Knife Sharpener
“Ridig” 535 Pipe Threader
“Westcrane” 1.25 Mobile Abby Crane, 550kg
Manual Folder
“Unimig” 235 Mig Welder and Dual 120 Wire Feed
“Transarc” 250 Welder
Manual Pipe Bender
“Archdale” Radial Drill
2 Stainless Steel Bandsaws, 400mm Throat
2 “Gerrard” GML3 Case Strappers
Large Qty Electric Motors 8 Shelves
Work Benches and Vyces
“Kelly & Lewis” 15A2B Cutter Pump
50hp Submersible Pump
New “Brook Hansen” Electric Motor,
Electric Motors to 425 kw in Size Large Qty
7 “Dynavac” Vacuum Pumps
Swing Lid Vaccum Sealer
“Exceller” Chain and Mortise Machine
“Herbert” Planer
Saw Sharpener
Bench Saw cast Iron Frame
“L Barker” Wood Band Saw, 700mm Throat

Store Consumables

“Dexion” Shelving 100 Bays Adjustable Shelving
Gloves, Aprons, “Whizard” Clips
Nylon twine Poly Tubs
Emery Wheels, Hoses, Starters, “V” Belts, Flexible Hose, ladders,
Microwave Oven, Whipper Snipper, Brass Roses, Gal, Stainless Steel and Brass Fittings,
Irrigation Fittings

Front Yard

FDC Unit, 2 Fan
Mild Steel “Wolf King” Mincer, Type 400-2T-70
2 Dock Levellers
“Alfa Laval” Separator
“Archinedes” Screw Pump, 300-1400
“Hitachi” 670hp Induction Motor, 2955rpm
“Toshiba” 500kw Motor, 2960rpm
2 Mild Steel Diesel horizontal Tanks, 2000 Gallon
“Alfa Laval” Separator, Model FUVPX-207
“Fibre King” Carton Sealer
“Lockler” Vibrating Seive, 36in
2 Hydraulic Power packs
Stainless Steel Printer Cabinet
2 Stainless Steel Immersion Dip Tanks
3 Stainless Steel Offal Rotary washers
Poly Clip Pickle Injector
Stainless Steel Immersion Dip Tank Basket Type
“Powell” Pre Breaker

Mobile Plant

“Leyland” 255 Farm Tractor
“Hardie” Trailer Mounted Boom Spray
3 Travelling Irrigators
3 P.L. Slasher
Qty Aluminium Irrigation Pipe


Workshop Building
General Store Building
Garage Building
Poly Styrene Amenties Building
Roof Structures

Boiler House

2 “Babcock & Wilcox” Coal Fired Boilers with Coal Hoppers and Conveyors
“Maxitherm” Oil Fired Boiler - 400 hp

Transformer Room

2 Transformers


Timber Boardroom Table and Chairs Photocopier - Key and Combination Safe Office Furniture, Desks, Chairs, Coffee Tables, Partitions, etc.

Canteen First Aid - Amenities

Hearing Testing Booth
Mobile Adjustable Bed
400 Clothes Lockers (Throughout Plant)
Freezer Well Type
5 Wall Mounted Air Conditioners
6 Tube Frame Laminated Tables
14 Folding Canteen Tables
100 Metal Stacking Chairs
14 PVC Metal Frame Stacking Chairs
4 Wooden Stools
“Skope” 2 Door Commerical Fridge
“Austheat” Stainless Steel Pie Warmer
2 “Roband” Pie Warmers
“NEC” Microwave
“Rinnai” Compact oven Hotplate
“Rank Arena” Fridge
Benches and Tables


“Malavasi” Stainless Steel Blender
“Gram” Lab Scale, Model GX-300
“Selsius” Lab Hotplate
“Lovibond” Tintometer
“Spinette” Lab Centrifuge
2 Bar Fridges
Qty Seives and Glassware
“Qualtex” Lab Incubator
“Breville” Kitchen Wizz
“Seward” Stomacher, Model 400
“Samsung” Microwave
Stools, Chairs, Filing Cabinets, Stationery Cabinets, Shelving Desks

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