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Imlay (Wanganui)

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Freezer, By Products and Sundry Plant

Affco New Zealand

Under Instructions from
AFFCO New Zealand Limited


S. B. T. Group

(Plant Surplus to Requirements Due to Closure of Certain Establishments)

For Tender on a lot-by-lot basis for removal

Located at
Five Sites Throughout New Zealand North Island



New Zealand

Roland Smith at AFFCO (M 025 906 133)


Ian Arthy at Steers (Ph 02 9630 8482)
(M 0419 49 2468)
(Fax 02 9630 8314)

Brian Mann (Ph 02 6288 1649)
(M 0417 403 485)

AFFCO Plant for TENDER is Located at:

Imlay (Wanganui)


S. B. T. Group


Thursday 7th December

Detailed catalogue with tender conditions and photographs is available on request to the Agents or on this Website.

The following plant is for tender:


A complete installed “Keith” By Products Plant comprising:

Screw Conveyor Hydroliser “Jaymor” Metal Detector Model DB/F/44 with Belt Conveyor “Keith” Prehogger, Model CAI250 2 x 400 Equacookers Tallow Press , Model 1035 Meat Meal Mill, “Alfa Laval” Separator, Model AFPX213X “Alfa Laval” Decanter, Model NX214 “Allan Ygnis” Boiler 10000lb/hr, Oil “Steambloc” Boiler, Model B4.3A.PN.1000, Gasor LFO 2 Stainless Steel Shell and Tube Heast Exchangers - Screw Conveyors, Bins, Tallow Tanks, Pumps, Electricals, - Spares for Equacookers, Meat Meal Mill, Boiler, Tallow Press, Separator etc etc.

Chillers and Freezers

“Realcold “ Continuous Carton Blast Freezer Tunnel (1988), 2970 Cartons x 48hrs 2 x Walking Beam Mutton Rail Batteries, 22 x 18m 7 Batteries Mutton Rail10 x 13m, 16 x 10.5m, 22 x 18m 4 Beef Chiller Rail Batteries, 16 x 10.5m, 15 x 15m 26 (APV) Freon/Glycol FDC Chiller Units, 2-Fan x 24” 15 Ammonia FDC Freezer Units, 2-Fan x 36”

Carcase Conveyors

2 x 12000lb Stacker Chains, 100m, 85m, 50m, 35m

Hanging Gear

700 Beef Rollers, 2400 Beef Slides, Stainless Steel Hooks 100 Small Stock Legging Chains 200 Stainless Steel Gambrells - Beef Quarter Slides, Bobby Calf Nose Rollers 10 Heavy Duty Cleaning Baskets.

Beef Processing Plant

2 x Gal Knocking Boxes Bleeding and Dressing Chain, 120m, Bi Planer Type 458 with Legging and Evisceration Hoists Downward Hide Puller, PLC Control 3 Stainless Steel Viscera Trolleys 2 “Jarvis” Hock Cutters and Air/Oil Intensifiers

Mutton Processing Plant

Mutton Viscera Table, 22m “Mirinz” Stainless Steel Continuous Sheep Head Splitter Final Carcase wash with Apron and Boot Wash

Sundry Processing Plant

22 Stainless Steel Hand Wash Sterilizers, Single Pedestal 24 Stainless Steel Apron and Boot Washes Gal Pig Dehairer (Not Installed) “Broomwade” Air Compressor, 150psi


A complete installed “Keith” By Products Plant comprising:

Prehogger “Mullan and Noy” Prebreaker, Flywheel Drive - “Ereiz” Metal Detector - Equacooker Type 400 Tallow Press Model 1037 Meat Meal Mill, 48in “Alfa Laval” Separator, FMAPX309 “Alfa Laval” Decanter, Model AVNX314B “Steambloc” Boiler, Natural Gas/Oil, 300hp - Stainless Steel Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger, 6m Mild Steel DAF, 10m Chlorine Fume Dosing Unit - Screw Conveyors, Bins, Tallow Tanks, Pumps, Electricals - Spares for Tallow Press, Boiler, etc etc.

Imlay (Wanganui)

2 “Bitterling” Gut Strippers, Left and Right Hand 3 Stainless Steel calibration Troughs, 10m 5 Stainless Steel Mobile Bins- :Werle Reichle” Vacuum Pump, 1000cfm “Keith” Meat Meal Mill Trommel Wash 2 Stainless Steel Pneumatic Stuffers


“Keith” 900 Equacooker Shell Transportable “Sabroe” Ammonia Screw Compressor, Model 108Kl, 100hp with Receiver, Condenser etc, all Skid Mounted “Barclay” Diesel/Mechanical Shunting Locomotive, GM471 Motor.


Stainless Steel Offal Bin, 30t 2 Gal Offal Bins, 50 and 40t “Locker Rotex” Vibratory Screen “Ereiz” Metal Detector, 0.8m x 0.6m - 6 Stainless Steel Tanks, 5.8m, 2.5m, 2.3m, 2.0m, Some Lagged or Dimple, with Stirrer or Heating Coils “Alfa Laval” Stainless Steel Separator, Model 3181M Stainless Steel Liquid Tanker “Portacom” Transportable Office Building, 12m x 3.7m


Map - New Zealand (north island)

Note: Distances and times quoted here are approximate and should be taken as a guide only. Prospective travellers should make their own enquiries.

is 3 1/2hrs by road south from Auckland Air New Zealand flies to Taupo which is some 110km from Tauramunui.

is 2hrs by road north from Auckland. Air New Zealand conduct a regular service from Auckland.

is a suburb of Wanganui which is serviced by Air New Zealand regularly from Auckland and Wellington. It is 2 ½hrs from Wellington.

is 1hr from Auckland and 15 minutes from Hamilton which is serviced from Wellington and Auckland by Air New Zealand

is 1 ½ hrs by road from Wanganui and 1hr from New Plymouth which is serviced from Wellington by air.

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Notes and Conditions

The following notes and conditions should be read in conjunction with the catalogue.

1) Items for tender are located at five sites throughout New Zealand North Island. The location of each lot is identified by the following prefix to its lot number:

Taumarunui - “T”
Whangarei - “W”
Imlay - “M”
Horotiu - “H”

Additional Lots offered by S.B.T Group are located at Hawera and are identified in this catalogue by the prefix “X”.

Location map and transport facilities are shown on the back page of the brochure.

2) Lots may be inspected by arrangement with the Agents in Australia, Phone Brian Mann (M. 0417 403 485), Ian Arthy (02 9630 8482) or Mr Roland Smith at AFFCO Auckland (M.025906133)

3) Installed items will be dismantled and if necessary sanitized and loaded onto transport by on site contractors at the purchaser's expense. A firm indication of these costs is available for each lot on request. If applicable, freight to wharf and shipping will be at the purchaser's expense. These can be arranged by Steers' New Zealand representatives if required. Advice on these together with cost estimates can be supplied by Steers prior to the closing of tenders.

4) Most of the plant is well known to several consultant engineers in New Zealand. The Agents or Roland Smith are happy to identify these if an independent opinion as to condition and/or advice as to any other aspect of the plant is required.

5) Where there are multiple items in a lot, offers for part thereof will be considered.

6) There are other items at some of the above sites which are available for purchase. These may be tendered also and interested parties should ask to be shown these at inspection.

7) Tenders may be submitted by sealed envelope marked “N Z Tender”, by facsimile or email to the office of the Agents. Tenders close at 12noon on Thursday 7th December. Sealed envelopes will not be opened until then. A buyers premium of 10% will be added to the total bids accepted.

8) The vendors are not bound to accept any or the highest bid on any lot.

9) A deposit cheque for 10% of the total tender including buyers premium must accompany sealed bids. Deposit cheques for facsimile and email bids must reach the Agent by closing date. Offers and payment may be expressed in New Zealand or Australian dollars and made payable to “Steers Pty Ltd Trust Account”. Successful tenderers will be notified by phone or facsimile on Friday 8th December. All tenders and payments will be exclusive of GST. Bank transfer fees will be at the purchaser's expense. Cheques from unsuccessful bidders will be returned to the drawer direct. Balance of payment for successful bids is due by Thursday 14th December.

10) Photographs of many items appear on the brochure and this Website. Photographs of certain other select lots may be emailed on request.

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