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Q. Meat Bundaberg

Under Instructions From
Queensland Abattoir Corporation
Due to Closure of the Works


On The Site


Kill Floor
Small Stock Restraining Race, Poly Slat, 5m Mild Steel Knocking Box, Pneumatic with Landing Winch Galvanised Pig Dehairer Small Stock Stunners “Jarvis” Hydraulic Horn Cutter “Jarvis” Buster III Saw “Schermer” Captive Bolt and “Cash” Swing Guns 6 Rise and Fall Platforms, Pneumatic “Wellsaws” Model 404 “Jarvis” BR3 Knife Sharpener 3 Pneumatic Hock Cutters 2 Sets Digital Rail Scales Stainless Steel Apron and Boot Washes Stainless Steel Headwash Cabinet Stainless Steel Draining Offal Tables, etc.

Chillers & Loadout
10 FDC Units, Ammonia, 8 Ton and 4 Ton 3 Banks of Meat Rail Pneumatic Drop Rail Beef Cut Down Freestanding Galvanised Rail Carcase Loadout 9m x 4.5m “A.O” 300mm Double Rail Scale with Digital Readout Freezer Box 3m x 2.5m, FDC and Freon Compressor Poly Styrene Panels to Loadout, 8m x 10m Steel Structure Over Loadout, 12m x 10m.

By Products Refrigeration Services
“Hardie Bloomer”
1 Megawatt Boiler, Gas Fired, PLC Controls, 14hr Limited Attendance, 3 Months Work Since Rebuild (now in wet storage) “Colonial” Wood Fired Boiler, 100hp - “Mycom” 6 Cylinder Ammonia Compressor, Model NGWA, 45kw 2 Ammonia Condensers, 100 Ton & 50 Ton Ammonia Receiver, 2m x 600mm 6 x 6 Twin Cylinder Vertical Ammonia Compressor, 40hp 2 Tallow Tanks, Horizontal 6m x 2m, Steam Heated on Stands “International” Acco 1710B Farm Tipper Prebreaker, 50hp and incline screw 40' “Mirinz” Hasher Washer and Trommel, 4m “Atlas Copco” BT3 Air Compressor “Stampco” Batch Cooker, Heated Shaft, 12' x 5' “Crossan” Meal Press with Spare Set of Cages Hammer Mill, 5 Ton Blood Cooker, 7'x 3' Bucket Elevator, 12' Meal Vibrating Screen 2 Heat Recovery Exchangers “Malco” Manure Shaker, 4 Ton “Save All” Mechanism Drives and Blow Tank Pumps, Including Mono, Gut Cutter, Tallow, Water & Sludge

Workshop Equipment
Ride on Mower, 14hp, 42” Cut “Millers Fall” 16 Speed Drill Press “Webster” 8” Bench grinder Oxy Set and Trolley “Record” Pipe Threader Angle Grinders Hammer Drill, etc.

Buildings and Yards For Removal
Cattle Holding Yards Timber House and Piers, Three Bedroom Timber Frame Office Buildings, 5 Rooms 2 Timber Sheds each 8m x 4m Hay Shed Also Electrical Switchboards Copper Cable, etc and Office Furniture Including Desks, Boardroom Table with 10 Chairs, Filing Cabinets, Swivel Chairs, Refrigerators, etc.

BUYERS PREMIUM OF 7% APPLIES - G.S.T. Inclusive Auction

CATALOGUES: Will be available on “Infocall” Tuesday 1st August Fax: 1902 935 651 (for Infocall Assistance Ph: 02 92124222) or this Web Site.

INSPECTION: TUESDAY 22nd AUGUST 9am - 3pm or by arrangement with Auctioneers

ENQUIRIES: Ian Arthy 0419 492 468
Peter Olsen 0408 242 094

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LOT     QTY     DESCRIPTION                                       NOTE
1		"Melwire" Floor, 4m x 2m and 5 Assorted Gates.
2		Electric Pig Stunner.
3		Set Pig Stunning Tongs.
4		Set Pig Stunning Tongs.
5		Vacant.
6		Vacant.
7		Small Stock Stunning Handpiece.
8		Small Stock Stunning Handpiece.
9		Stainless Steel Sink.
10		Aluminium Security Screens, 4 Panes.
11		Small Stock Restraining Race, Poly Slat, 5m
12		Roller Conveyor, 1800mm.
13		Indexing Conveyor Hoist, 3m Ram, Pneumatic.
14		Welded Mesh Platform, 5m x 2m.
15		Screen High Density Board, 4m x 3m.
16		Stainless Steel Handwash Sterilizer.
17		Stainless Steel Handwash Sterilizer.
18		Galvanised Work Platform, 2.5m x 1m.
19		Stainless Steel Handwash Sterilizer.
20		"Mistral" Air Circulator.
21		Pig Dehairer, Single Chamber, Pneumatic Cradle,
		Electric Drive Flails.
22		Stainless Steel Pig Scalding Tank, 3m x 2m.
23		Stainless Steel Landing Table, 2m x 2m.
24		Stainless Steel Handwash Sterilizer.
25		Electric Chain Hoist.
26		High Density Board Panels on Wall, ( Approx 28 ea
		2m x 1m).
27		PVC "Hipalong" Cladding to Walls in Pig Scald Area
28		Stainless Steel Splash Screen, L Shaped, 3m x 2m.
29		Stainless Steel Handwash Sterilizer.
30		Stainless Steel Handwash Sterilizer.
31		Stainless Steel Small Stock Evisceration
		Inspection Table, 4m with 2 Spray Guns.
32		"Endo" Balance, 60kg.
32B		"Endo" Balance, 9kg.
33		Vacant.
34-41		Vacant.
42		"Schermer" Captive Bolt Small Stock Stunner.
43		"Cash" Swing Captive Bolt Cattle Knocker with
		Spare Piece.
44	Qty	"Cash" Cartridges, Black, Green, etc.
45		Vacant.
46		Stainless Steel Splash Screen, 5m x 2m.
47		Stainless Steel Splash Screen, L Shapes,
		2.5m x 1.5m on Wall.
48		Digital Small Stock Scales and Load Cell.
49		Inclined Elevator, 1.5m, Side Finger.
50		Small Stock Dressing Rail and Stop.
51	2	Stainless Steel Apron Racks.
52		Boat Winch and Pulleys.
53		Stainless Steel Gear Cabinet, 2.5m x 600mm.
54		"Miniveil" Air Curtain.
55		Apron Wash, Metal Clad.
56		Knocking Box, Pneumatic with Cripple Winch, and
		Landing Stage.
57		Winch Landing Hoist.
58		Assorted Spot Lights 0n Kill Floor.
59		Bleed Area Exhaust Fan.
60		Counter Weight Bleed Roller Return.
61	2	Aluminium Doors, 2.4 x 1.6m.
62		Stainless Steel Instrument Sterilizer.
63		Stainless Steel Insulated Knife Sterilizer.
64		Stainless Steel Handwash Sterilizer, Elevated.
65		Air Tool Regulator, Dewater.
66		"Demag" 1/2 Ton Chain Hoist.
67		Pneumatic Rise and Fall Platform with Stainless
		Steel Handwash Sterilizer.
68		"Jarvis" Hydraulic Horn Saw, Balancer, and Remote
		Power Pack.
69		Stainless Steel Apron Wash Cabinet.
70		Rise and Fall Work Platform with Stainless Steel
		Handwash Sterilizer, Pneumatic.
71		Rise and Fall Work Platform with Stainless Steel
		Handwash Sterilizer, Pneumatic.
72		Indexer and Beef Cut Down Lowerator, Pneumatic.
73		"Jarvis" Buster II Splitting Saw and "Endo" 80kg
74		Stainless Steel Handwash Sterilizer.
75		"Mistral" Air Circulator, 18".
76		Rise and Fall Work Platform with Stainless Steel
77		Rise and Fall Work Platform with Stainless Steel
		Handwash Sterilizer.
78		Rise and Fall Work Platform, Pneumatic.
79		High Trim Stand and Stainless Steel
		Handwash Sterilizer.
80	2	Stainless Steel Apron Racks.
81		"Gedge" Series III, 300kg GS1650 Rail Scales and
		Load Cell.
82		Stainless Steel L Shaped Wash Screen, 1m x 3m x 4m
83		Pneumatic Rise Indexer on Retain Rail.
84		Gravity Beef Dressing Rail, Gates and Spring
		Loaded Stops.
85	8	Beef Bleed Roller and Chain.
86		Set of Test Weights.
87		Foaming Sanitiser.
88		Vacant.
89		Stainless Steel Refrigerated Drink Fountain.
90	2	Galvanised Stands.
91		"Stihl" High Pressure Water Bath.
92	5	Assorted Galvanised Mesh Offal Chilling Tables.
93		Mobile Air Circulator, 1hp, 18".
94	Qty	Assorted White and Red Hoses.
95	10	"Nally" Tubs.
96	7	Poly Buckets.
97		Pneumatic Hock Cutter and 15kg Balance.
98		Stainless Steel Head Wash Cabinet.
99	2	Stainless Steel Head Preparation Tables.
100	2	Stainless Steel Wheel Barrows.
101		Stainless Steel Viscera Barrow.
102	3	Galvanised Tub Stands.
103	2	High Tables, 600mm x 500mm.
104		Stainless Steel Drainage Wash Trough, 1.5m x 1.8m.
105		Drainage Rack, 4 Tier.
106	6	Blue Poly PVC Tubs.
107		Galvanised Saw Step Up Platform.
108		Stainless Steel Gut Runner Wash Trough, 1.8m.
109	2	Hand Saws.
110		"Budge" FDC Approx, 8 Tonnes, 3 Fan.
111	6	Sealed Fluorescent Lights.
112		Chiller Meat Rails and Switches.
113	2	Poly Doors, 3.3m x 1.8m.
114	2	Poly Doors, 3m x 1.8m.
115		Meat Rail, 5 x 15m and Switches.
116	6	Sealed Fluorescent Lights.
117		FDC Unit, 7-1/2 Ton, 2 Fan on Galvanised Stand.
118		FDC Unit, 7-1/2 Ton, 3 Fan.
119		FDC Unit, 7-1/2 Ton, 2 Fan.
120		Drop Rail Beef Cut Down, Pneumatic.
121		Meat Rail, Free Standing, 9 x 4.5m, Quarter Rack
122		"AO" 300mm Double Rail Scale with Digital Readout,
		 Model AD4322.
123		FDC Unit, 2 Fan, 4 Tonne.
124		"Muller" Freezer Box, FDC Unit, 3 Fan and
		Compressor, 3m x 2.5m.
125		Poly Stryene Panels to Loadout Room, 8m x 10m,
		Ceiling, End Wall and Side Wall.
126	7	Fluorescent Lights.
127		Structure Over Beef Loadout, 12m x 10m, A Frame
		Portal Column and Beam with Roof Suffiet and 5
		Poly Doors.
128		"Weddburn" Dial Scale, 100kg.
129		Stainless Steel Topped Table, 2.5m x 1.5m.
130		Stainless Steel Handwash Sterilizer.
131		Stainless Steel Paper Towel Dispenser.
132		Stainless Steel Wash Trough, 900 x 450 x 650mm.
133		Galvanised Roller Rack.
134	5	Poly Tubs.
135		Stainless Steel Pack Off Table.
136		Load Out Step.
137	2	Adjustable Product Racks, 4 Tier.
138		Main Kill Floor Timber Structure, Hardwood with
		6 x 6 Columns and 3 x 8 Trusses.
139		Electric Switches, Wiring in Kill Floor.
140	5	Stainless Steel Handwash Sterilizer, Security
		Doors, Screen and Roof.
140A		Mono Pump, 1.5hp.
140B		Sandstone Knife Sharpener.
141		"Reeves" Sludge Pump.
142		Stainless Steel Paunch Opening Station.
143		Paunch Elevator Screen, 12" x 20".
144		Condemn Screen, 14' x 15" to Pre Breaker.
145		Prebreaker with Inclined Delivery Screw Fitted,
		40', 51hp.
146		Charging Bin to Batch Cooker.
147		Fat and Bone Conveyor, 15" x 12', Inclined to
		Pre Breaker.
148		"Mirinz" Hasher Washer and Trommel, 4m.
149	4	Steam Coiled, Cone Based Water Washing Tallow
		Tanks, 1500 - 3000kg.
150		Mild Steel Boiler Vessel and Discharge Door.
151		Mono Tallow Pump.
152		Centrifugal Tallow Pump.
153	2	Mild Steel Rectangular Water Wash Tallow Tank.
154		"Atlas Copco" BT3 Air Compressor, After Cooler
		with 2.5m x 800mm, Air Receiver and Switch Gear.
155		Blood Cooker, 2m x 900mm.
156		"Stampco" Batch Cooker, Heated Shaft, 12 x 5.
157		Mild Steel Automatic Percolator.
158		Mono Tallow Pump.
159		Inclinded Screen Conveyor, Inclinded, 9" x 20' to
160		"Crossan" Meat Meal Press, Manual Choke with Spare
		Set of Cages.
161		Hammer Mill, 5 Ton/Hour.
162		Bucket Elevator, 3.5m.
163		Vibrating Screen Bagging Hopper and Return Screw
		to Hammer Mill.
164		"Kellar's" Beam Balance Bag Scale.
165	Qty	Assorted Shovels, Rakes and Brooms.
166		Heat Recover Heat Exchanger and Cyclone ( From
		Batch Cooker).
167		"Avery" Beam Balance Scale, 410kg Capacity.
168		Condensate Heat Recovery Heat Exchanger and
		Transfer Tank with "Grundfos" Pump
169		Mild Steel Hot Water Tank, 1.8 x 2m with
		"Grundfos" High Pressure Pump.
170		Stainless Steel Exhaust Pot ( From Cooker ).
171		"Malco" Manure Shaker Screen, Hopper and Stand,
172		Save All Mechanism, Drives, and Blow Tank.
173		"kelly & Lewis" Cutter Pump, Type 112A2B.
174		"Terada" Cutter Pump.
175		"Kelly & Lewis" 3" Cutter Pump.
176		Mobile Bagging Elevator, 30'.
177		Bore Pump and Motor.
178		Vacant.
179		Electrical Switchboard with DS416 Power Circuit
180		"John Crane" Robot Boiler Pressure Pump,
		Type XR5RII.
180A		Stainless Steel Gut Barrow.
181		"Colonial" 100hp Boiler, Wood Fired.
182	2	Mobile Mancooler Fans.
183		"David Brown" Farm Tractor, Model 900DJ with
		Front Hydraulic Loader and 3 Point Linkage
		Carry All.
184		Rise and Fall Pneumatic Work Platform.
185		Rise and Fall Pneumatic Work Platform.
186		"Ajax" 2 x 2 Centrifugal Pump.
187		"Kelly & Lewis" 1-1/2" Cutter Pump.
188		Stainless Steel Splitting Saw Sterilizer.
189		Stainless Steel Handwash Sterilizer.
190		Pallet Assorted Pump and Motors.
191		"ACB" & "Carrier" 6" John Pressure Valve Electric
		Hoist, etc.
192		"Atlas Copco" BT4 Air Compressor.
193		"C & J" 90 deg Cooker Gearbox.
194		"GEC" Switch Distribution Board.
195		Air Cooler for BT4 Air Compressor.
196	6	FDC Fans, 36".
197		Ammonia Condensor, 100 Ton on Stand.
198		Ammonia Condensor, 50 Ton on Stand.
199		Water Cooling Condensor.
200		Liquid Ammonia Receiver, 2m x 600mm.
201		"Mycom" 6 Cylinder Ammonia Compressor, Model NGWA,
		45kw, Serial No. 610027.
202		"O'Connel Kerr" 6 x 6-1/2 Twin Cylinder Vertical
		Reciprocating Ammonia Compressor, 40hp.
203		Ammonia Surge Pot.
204		Sub Main Distribution Switchboard.
205	2	Tallow Tanks, Horizontal, 6m x 2m, Steam Heated
		on 3.5m Stands.
207	2	Square Lourved Fan Units, 1200mm.
208		Mono Blood Pit Transfer Pump.
209		Small Stock Pens, Gates Timber, and Small Stock
		Unloading Race.
210		Covered Uncovered Beef Holding Yards, Timber Posts
		Unloading Race.
211		"Kelly & Lewis" Cutter Pump, 2".
212		Black Poly Pipe, External Above Ground.
213		Hay Shed.
214		Lower Cattle Holding Pens.
215		Three Bedroom Timber House, On Stumps with
		Attached Car Port.
		Available - Wednesday 25th October for Delivery
216		Metal Storage Shed.
217		Timber Frame Office Building, 5 Room with
		Amenities and Air Conditioning, 12m x 7m.
218		Chubb Strong Room Door.
219		Laminated Desk, 3 Drawer.
220		Swivel Armchair.
221		"Commander" Telephone System, 3 Extension.
222		Timber Desk, 2m x 1m.
223	4	Metal Side Chairs.
224		Wooden 2 Door Cupboard.
225		Silky Oak Desk, twin Pedestal, 4 Drawer.
226		Wooden Board Table and 10 Upholstered High Back
227		Wooden Sliding Door Cupboard.
228		Wooden Sliding Door Cupboard.
229		Metal 2 Door Cabinet, 5 Shelf.
230		Office Desk, Twin Pedestal.
231		Filing Cabinet, 2 Drawer.
232		Metal Frame Desk, 3 Drawer.
233		Swivel Chair, Black.
234		Swivel Chair, Gray.
235	3	Metal Armchair.
236		"Kelvinator" 143 Mini.
237		"Ernie" Hot Water Heater.
238	2	Metal Frame Side Tables.
239		Coat Rack, Wall Mounted.
240		Wooden Table, 1.2m x 600mm.
241		Silky Oak, Swivel Armchair.
242		Stainless Steel Personnel Handwash, 4 Station.
243	14	See Through Clothes Lockers.
244	11	Stacking Chairs.
245	5	Canteen Tables.
246		Stainless Steel Urn.
247		"Westinghouse" Microwave Oven.
248		"Philips" 2 Door Refrigerator.
249		Timber Building, 3 Room, on Piers, 12m x 4m.
250		Water Softner, Automatic.
251		Mild Steel Hot Well Condensor Return Tank, 8mm
		Steel on 4 Legs, 1.5m x 4m.
252		"Hardie Bloomer" 1MW Boiler, Gas Fired, Limited
		Attendance, PLC Controls. "Weishaupt" Gas Burner
		Reconditioned June 97 Now in Wet Storage.
253		Boiler Shed, 7m x 5m.
254		"International" Acco 1710B Farm Tipping Truck,
		Dual Wheel.
256		Fuel Tank on Stand.
257		"Jarvis" BR3 Knife Sharpener.
258	2	Timber Sheds for Removal, ea 8m x 4m and Lean to
		Awning 7m x 10m.
259		Vacant.
260		"Kentmaster" 203 Reciprocating Saw.
261		Stunner Control Box.
262		Small Hogger.
263		Pedestal Fan.
264		Drum Pump.
265		Drum - "AWX" 680 Hydraulic Oil.
266		40kw Electric Motor.
267		Stainless Steel Bench Top.
268		Set Of Weights.
269		Contents of Chemical Store.
270		Balance Contents of First Shed.
271		"Kelly & Lweis" Centrifugal Pump, Model 18/12.
272		"Ajax" 3L 4 x 4 Pump with 40 hp motor on Base.
273		Pair 2-1/2" "Southern Cross" Pumps, Type RGD,
		Powered by Pair 40kw "McColl" 2 Pole Motors.
		"Ajax" 3 x 1-1/2" Pump Powered By 050/200 1.5kw,
		4 pole.
274		Balance Motors and Gearboxes outside First Shed.
275	Qty	Galvanised Expanded Mesh.
276	3	Galvanised FDC Coil Blocks.
277		Mild Steel Screw Bin and Auger.
278		Motorised Calf Hide Puller.
279	Qty	Assorted Galvanised Stands.
280		Air Receiver, 2m x 800mm.
281		"Millers Fall" 16 Speed Drill Press.
282		"Webster" 8" Bench Grinder.
283		Oxy Set and Stand.
284		"Endo" 90kg Balance.
285		"WIA" Portable Welder, 230AMI.
286		Stainless Steel Barrow.
287		Retractable Hose Reel.
288		"Dawn" Offset Vyce.
289	4	Sets Stillsons.
290		Pneumatic Hock Cutter.
291		"record" Pipe Threader.
292		"Best & Donavon" Reciprocating Saw Model Pacemaker
294	Qty	Bandsaw Blades.
295		Greasing Pot & Gun.
296		Boxed Set Stock and Dies.
297		New "Wattmaster" Ceiling Fan.
298		"Martonair" Ram, 60mm.
299		"Everflow" Closed Couple Pump.
300		"Makita" Angle Grinder.
301		Drum "Septone" Hand Cleaner.
302		"Makita" Hammer Drill.
303		"Jarvis" Saw, Model F1000.
304		Air Grinder, 9".
305		"Super Cash" MKII Pistol.
306		"Cash" Swing Pistol.
307		B & D" Electric Saw.
308		Chemical Dosing Pump.
309		"EFA" 300 Air Knife.
310		Vacant.
311	3	"Jarvis" 1000F Brisket Saws.
312		"CIG" Craftwelder, 240 volt.
313		Vacant.
314		White Ride On Mower, 14hp, 40" Cut.
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