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Under Instructions From The Owner of the Premises Due to Intending Lease of the Property



“Risco Brevetti”
RS5000 Filler “Handtmann” VF12 Filler with Bin Lifter 3 “Handtmann” PA 30-4 Linkers 2 x “Technomat” Goring Kerr Inline Metal Detectors “Toby” Slicer Stainless Steel Salami Washing Machine Stainless Steel Portion Sachet Packaging Line with Thermal Heat Sealer and Gas Flush Stainless Steel Double Sided Packing Table, 6m x 2m with Inbuilt Stainless Steel Belt Conveyor, Stainless Steel Mobile Tub, 3m x 1.5m, Stainless Steel Mobile Packing Table, 2.5m x 1.2m with Belt Conveyor Under 30 PVC Tubs, 2m x 750mm to 1m x 600mm, Stainless Steel Jacketed Cooking Tank, 8000 Litre “Maxitherm” Package Boiler, Gas, 100hp “Big Joe” 1250kg Electric Pedestrian Forklift Telescopic Mobile Belt Conveyor, 4m x 400mm - Stainless Steel Handwash Sterilizers - Stainless Steel Tables - Pallet Racking - Stainless Steel Exhaust Hood, 8m x 2m with Lighting Qty Stainless Steel Pipe PVC Pallets, etc, etc.

3 Stainless Steel “Convotherm” Compact Convection Steam ovens “Brugnette” 2 Head Cappuccino Machine 3 Stainless Steel “Carpigiani” Soft Serve Ice Cream Machines, 2 Gas Char Grills 12 and 18 Burner 2 “Crystal Tips” Ice Makers “Washtech” Stainless Steel Dishwasher, Model AL “Washtech” Stainless Steel Glasswasher, Model GH 3 Underbar Bottle Cabinets, 3 & 2 Door, “Blue Seal” Stainless Steel Hotplate, 4 Burner “Samsung” 2 Door Refrigerated with Icemaker Stainless Steel Clad Gas Salamander Stainless Steel 4 Door Upright Freezer, 2.5m x 2m Stainless Steel Baine Marie with Warming Cabinet Below Stainless Steel Electric Chip Warmer “Roband” Electric 4 Bowl Baine Marie “Blue Seal” Filtomax Cooking Oil Filter Qty Stainless Steel Commercial Sink Units Stainless Steel Work Benches and Shelves 70 Polished Granite Slabs, 1.1m x 700mm, Stainless Steel Cabinets, Stainless Steel Bar Top, Etc




Infocall 1902 935 650 or From this Web Site (

IAN ARTHY - 0419 492 468
PETER OLSEN - 0408 242 094

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LOT     QTY     DESCRIPTION                                       NOTE
1		Stainless Steel Tally Bench, 1m x 800mm.
2		Filing Cabinet, 3 Drawer.
3		Stainless Steel Mobile Tub, 1m x 700mm x 700mm.
4		Stainless Steel "L Shape" Bench Unit,
		5m x 750mm with 3 Sinks and Shelf Under (New).
5		Stainless Steel Bench, 3m x 600mm, Twin Bowl Sink
		with Shelf Under.
6		Stainless Steel Bench, 2.5m x 700mm with Sink and
		Shelves Under.
6A	4	Stainless Steel Sinks - Various.
7		Stainless Steel Bench, 800mm x 500mm with Shelf
8		Stainless Steel Tray Holder.
9		Stainless Steel Carton Rack.
10		Stainless Steel Shelf Under.
11	3	Stainless Steel Stands.
12		Stainless Steel Tray Rack.
13	5	Assorted Stands.
14		Curved Stainless Steel Bench with Sink.
15		Curved Stainless Steel Bar Top with 3 Sinks, (New)
16		Stainless Steel Char Grill, 12 Burner.
17		Stainless Steel Char Grill, 18 Burner, Stainless
		Steel Bars, No Burners.
18		Stainless Steel Refrigerated Cabinet, 3 Door.
19		Stainless Steel Refrigerated Under Bar Display
		Cabinet, 3 Glass Doors.
20		Stainless Steel Refrigerated Under Bar Display
		Cabinet, 2 Glass Doors.
21		Stainless Steel Refrigerated Under Bar Display
		Cabinet, 2 Glass Doors.
22		Stainless Steel Four Door Upright Freezer.
23		Stainless Steel Bench with 3 Door Refrigerated
		Cabinet Below.
24		Stainless Steel Wet Baine Marie, 15 Well with
		with 2 Door Tray Warmer Below.
25		Stainless Steel Refrigerated Baine Marie, 6 Well
		with 4 Door Cabinet Below and Two Tier Serving
		Shelf Above.
26		Stainless Steel 2 Tier Plate Warmer.
27		Stainless Steel Preparation Bench, 3m x 600mm,
		Stainless Steel Cupbaord Below, 5 Door.
28		Stainless Steel Bench Unit, 1.5m x 600mm with
		Shelf Under.
29		Stainless Steel Topped Draining Table, 2.5m x 1m.
30		Stainless Steel Cabinet - 2 Stainless Steel Stands
		2 Stainless Steel Shelves.
31		Stainless Steel Mobile Salami Washing Cabinet,
		3 Phase.
32		"Tipper" Vacuum Clipper, Model 22105.
33		"Handtmann" 30-4/5 29S Linker.
34		"Handtmann" PA30-4/877S Linker.
35		"Handtmann" PA30-4/1290S Linker.
36		"Handtmann" 30-4/333U Linker - Incomplete.
37		"Risco Brevetti" RS5000 Sausage Filler with Bin
38		"Handtmann" VF1/2 - 300/2453-1 with Bin Lifter.
39		"Goring Kerr" Inline Mobile Metal Detector.
40		"Goring Kerr" Inline Mobile Metal Detector.
41		Stainless Steel Handwash Sterilizer, Magic Eye
42		Stainless Steel Handwash Sterilizer, Magic Eye
43	4	Illuminated Menu Display Frames and Fluorescent
		Light Defusers.
44		Stainless Steel Bench, 4m x 600mm.
45		Stainless Steel Bench, 4.5m x 600mm with Sink.
46		Freon Wall Mounted Air Conditioner Blower.
47		Freon FDC Unit, 5 Fan.
48		Freon FDC Unit, 4 Fan.
49		"Buffalo Trident" FDC Unit , 2 Fan (Missing)
50		"Bioclmatic" Stainless Steel Air Purifer.
51		"Bioclmatic" Stainless Steel Air Purifer.
52	5	Mobile Heady Duty Pallet Racks, each 3 pallet.
54		"Samsung" Cool Tech upside Down Refrigerator with
		Ice Dispenser.
55		Single Door Commerical Display Fridge with Sealed
		Unit Compressor.
56		"Carpigiani" Soft Serve Ice Cream Dispenser,
		Model 011400.
57		"Carpigiani" Soft Serve Ice Cream Dispenser,
		Model 678268.
58		"Carpigiani" Soft Serve Ice Cream Dispenser,
		Model 011404 Incomplete.
59		"Blue Seal" 4 Burner Gas Cooktop.
60		"Crystal Tips" Stainless Steel Ice Maker.
61		"Crystal Tips" Stainless Steel Ice Maker.
62	Qty	Timber Steers Horns.
63		Stainless Steel Frame Gas Salamander.
64		"Brugnetti" Twin Head Cappuccino Machine.
65		"Convotherm" Stainless Steel Compact Steam Oven.
66		"Convotherm" Stainless Steel Compact Steam Oven.
67		"Washtech" Stainless Steel Commercial Dishwasher,
		Model AL.
68		"Washtech" Stainless Steel Commercial Glasswasher,
		Model GM.
69		"Blue Seal" Vray Filtermax Cooking Oil Filter.
70		"Roband" Stainless Steel 4 Bowl Wet Baine Marie.
71		Stainless Steel Chip Warmer.
72		Bay Mobile Heavy Duty Pallet Racking, 3 Pallet.
73	3	Bays Heavy Duty Pallet Rackings, 3 Pallet each.
74		Heavy Duty Adjustable Pallet Racking, 9 Pallet.
75		Stainless Steel Exhaust Hood, 9m x 2m with
76		Vinyl Top Table.
77	Qty	Stainless Steel Pipe 40mm and Qty Valves.
78		Stainless Steel Foor Packing Station, 6m x 25m
		with Stainless Steel Centre Mounted Conveyor.
79		"Lee Yong" Stainless Steel Sachet/Pouch Filling
		Line with Gas Flush and Thermal Sealing.
80	3	Heavy Duty Poly Tubs, 1500 x 600 x 600mm with 2
		Galvanised Mobile Platforms.
81	2	Heavy Duty Poly Tubs, 1500 x 600 x 600mm with 1
		Galvanised Mobile Platform.
82		Heavy Duty PVC Draining Tubs, 2m x 750 x 750mm and
		1 Galvanised Mobile Platform.
83		Heavy Duty PVC Draining Tubs, 2m x 750 x 750mm and
		1 Galvanised Mobile Platform.
84		Heavy Duty Poly Tub, 1500 x 600 x 600mm with
		Galvanised Mobile Platform.
85		Heavy Duty PVC Draining Tubs, 2m x 750 x 750mm and
		1 Galvanised Mobile Platform.
86		Heavy Duty PVC Draining Tubs, 2m x 750 x 750mm and
		1 Galvanised Mobile Platform.
87		Heavy Duty PVC Draining Tubs, 2m x 750 x 750mm and
		1 Galvanised Mobile Platform.
88		Heavy Duty PVC Tub, 2m x 750 x 750mm and Mobile
		 Galvanised Platform.
89		Heavy Duty PVC Tub, 2m x 750 x 750mm and Mobile
		 Galvanised Platform.
90		Heavy Duty PVC Tub, 2m x 750 x 750mm and Mobile
		 Galvanised Platform.
91	4	PVC Tubs, Various.
92		"Toby" Baconn Slicer, Type 400.
92A		Stainless Steel Bullsaw, 900mm Throat, Table
		1500 x 1500mm.
92B		Stainless Steel Clad Sausage Filler, 30kg.
92C		Galvanised Table Frame, 1500 x 900mm.
92D		Stainless Steel Tub, 1200 x 800 x 800mm.
92E		Stainless Steel Tub, 1500 x 500 x 500mm.
92F		Galvanised Pipe Stand, 900 x 700 x 600mm.
92G	4	Hydraulic Pallet Trolleys.
92H		PVC Filing Cabinet.
93		"Big Joe" Electric Pedestrian Forklift.
94		Stainless Steel Packing Table, 2m x 1.5m with
		Built in Belt Conveyor.
95		PVC Tub and Lid.
96		Stainless Steel Tank, 3m x 1.5 x 500mm Cooking
		Tank with Steam Coils Below Perforated Base.
97		Stainless Steel Braining and Packing Table,
		2m x 1.2m.
98		Stainless Steel Stand, 3.5m x 500mm.
99		Stainless Steel Carton Stand, 4m x 700mm.
100		Stainless Steel Bucket.
101	5	Red Mobile PVC Tubs.
102	9	PVC Work Platforms.
103	4	Bays Heavy Duty Pallet racking, 3 Pallet Each.
104		Heavy Duty Adjustable Pallet Racking, 9 Pallet.
105	2	Drums of Chemicals.
106	Qty	Plastic Pallets, Approx 12 - Assorted Sizes.
107	33	PVC Crates.
108	18	Half Door Clothes Lockers on Stands.
109		Soiled Linen Locker.
110		Stainless Steel Jacketed Cooking Vessel, 8000
		litre with Stainless Steel Legs and Stainless
		Steel Heat Exchanger.
111		Set of Stainless Steel Coils.
112		Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Table, 2m x 1.2m.
113	Qty	Steam, Hot Water, Flexiable Conduit Hoses.
114		Stainless Steel Pump, .75kw.
115		Stainless Steel Pump, .75kw on Mobile Stainless
		Steel Trolley.
116		"Maxitherm" Package Boiler, Gas Fired, 100hp
		Approx and Header Tank and Blow Down Vessel.
117	2	"Autobeam" Hand Dryers.
118	Qty	Stainless Steel Chain Conveyor Belting, Electric
		Motor and Float Switches.
119		Photocopy Cabinet, 2 Door.
120		Mobile PVC Tub, 1200 x 600 x 600mm.
121	Qty	Carpet Squares.
122	Qty	Stainless Steel Pipe and Fittings.
123		Pallet Heavy Duty PVC Castors, approx 40.
124	18	Half Door Clothes Lockers.
125	3	Bays Adjustable Pallet Racking, ea 9 Pallet.
126	45	Cartons, Each 6 Bottle, 1.8 litre Vinegar.
127	3	Cartons Steam Pipe Insulation.
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