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Tuesday 11 MAY 2004 at 11:00am

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Under Instructions from

Tasman Group Services Pty Ltd

(Who have commissioned their new by products plant)

On the premises


Longford, Tasmania

On Tuesday 11th May at 11am

Note: A date for the 4 Day Kyle Rd Export Abattoir Breakup Auction previously advertised will be set when their Brooklyn beef dressing floor facility has been commissioned.

Buyers Premium of 5% - GST Exclusive

PAYMENT: Sale Day - Cash or Bank Cheque or Direct Deposit to Steers Pty Limited

INSPECTION: Monday 10th May 9am to 3pm or Morning of Sale

ENQUIRIES: Brian Mann at Penolva or Ian Arthy at Steers

AUCTION PATRONS NOTE: This is an operating export plant. Do not enter processing and rendering areas. Remain in areas defined in catalogue and designated walk areas. Beware of forklifts and trucks operating on site.

Auctioneers in Conjunction
ABN 39 003 321 275
8 Frankland Street
Ph 0417 403 485
Fax (02) 628 77311
ABN 97 002 663 443
Suite3, 5 Victoria Rd
Ph (02) 9630 8482
Fax (02) 9630 8314

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LOT     QTY     DESCRIPTION                                       NOTE
1		Mobile Pressure Washer, 7.5kw.
2		Pallet Electrical Fittings.
3		"Prominet" Vario Dosing Unit.
4		Pallet Assorted Stainless Steel A.P.V. Valves.
5	2	"Latent" Wall Brackets.
6	Qty	6" Weld On Steam Pipe Bends.
7		Roll Orange Conveyor Belt, 15".
8		Roll Orange Conveyor Belt, 15".
9		Roll White Conveyor Belt, 15".
10		"Keith" 600 Continuous Renderer.
11		"Keith" 400 Continuous Renderer.
12		"Keith" 1037 Tallow Press - Twin Chute with Magnet
13		"Keith" 1037 Tallow Press - Chute and Magnet
14		Screw Conveyor, 5m x 200 - To "Keith" 1037 Press.
15		Screw Conveyor, 4m x 200 - To "Keith" 1037 Press.
16		Screw Conveyor, 6m x 200 - From "Keith" 400 Cooker
17		Screw Conveyor, 5m x 200 - From Decanter.
18		"Keith" Decanter, Model 24X38.
19		"Ajax" Tallow Pump - Below Decanter.
20		Fat and Bone Screw Conveyor From Bin, 6m x 400mm
		High Side.
21		Fat and Bone Screw Conveyor From Bin, 6m x 400mm
		High Side.
22		Cooker Charging Hopper, 4m x 3m, Tapered, Screw
23		Screw Conveyor, 9m x 400mm High Side - Cooker Feed
24		Screw Conveyor Below Presses, 10m x 200mm.
24A		Meat Meal Auger, 9m x 300mm.
25		Tallow Press Hydraulic Power Pack.
26		Continuous Renderer Control Panel.
27		"Keith" Decanter, Model 18X28.
28		Chain Block, 1 Ton and Girder Travel.
29		"Ajax" Tallow Pump - 600 Cooker.
30		"Ajax" Tallow Pump - 400 Cooker.
31		Mild Steel Offal Bin, 8m x 6m with Twin Outfeed
		Screews and 3 Cyclones Above.
32		Mild Steel Tallow Tank, 6m x 3m with Heat Coils
		and Stirrer.
33		Mild Steel Tallow Tank, 6m x 3m with Heat Coils
		and Stirrer.
34		Mild Steel Tallow Tank, 6m x 3m with Heat Coils
		and Stirrer.
34A		Electrical Board - Separator.
34B		Pneumatic Bin Lifter.
35A		"Ajax" Tallow Pump - Below Tanks.
36B		"Ajax" Tallow Pump, Below Tanks.
37		Powell 12 X 5 Batch Cooker - Blood.
38		Stainless Steel Blood Bin, 3m x 2.5m Tapered,
		Above Cooker with Infeed and Outfeed Screw
39		Mild Steel "Crax" Bin, 4m x 2m Tapered with
		Outfeed Screw Conveyor.
40		Screw Conveyor, 3m x 400mm with Surge Bin,
		1.5m x 1m.
41		Meat Meal Bin, 4m x 3m, Tapered with Outfeed Screw
42		Screw Conveyor, 9m x 300mm From Meal Bin.
43		Loadout Screw Conveyor, 15m x 200mm.
43A		"Sharp" Microwave Oven.
43B		"Simpson" Electric Stove.
43C		"Zip" Refrigerated Bubbler.
43D		Wall Heater - Air Conditioner - Insectocutor.
43E		By Products Electric Mains Switchboard.
43F	2	Electric Boards.
43G		"Salter" 50Kg Dial Platform Scale.

44		"Keith" 400 Continuous Renderer.
45		"Lantrite" Batch Cooker - No Drive.
46	2	Poly Styrene Doors.
46A	Qty	Freezer and Coolroom Poly Styrene Panels.
46B	12	Galvanised Carcase Hanging Stillages.

47		"Frilec" Pre Breaker, Model ZP681, 50hp.
48		Screw Conveyor, 5m x 300mm, High Side.
49		Screw Conveyor, 6m x 200mm.
50		Stainless Steel Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger,
		8m x 1m.
51		"Tradewinds" Fume Scrubber.
52		Stainless Steel Afterburner with Gas Burner and
53	Qty	Stainless Steel Fluming Approx 30m x 1m Above
		Heat Exchanger, Stainless Steel Ducting From
		Cookers Approx 60m.
54		Mild Steel Automatic BLow Pot, 750kg.
55		Elevating Screw Conveyor to Blow Pot, 6m x 300mm.
56		Mild Steel Blow Line, 40m x 150mm.

57		Hydraulic In Ground Skin Baleing Press and Power
58		Approx 8 Pallets Galvanised Mesh Carton Spacers.

58A		Mild Steel Motorised Slat Conveyor, 6m x 300mm.
58B		Section Concrete Pipe, 3m x 750mm.
58C		"Aerotech" High Speed Fan, 1.5m x 500mm,
		Model MV2.360.
58D	4	"Kay Barlow" Reduction Drives - 17kw.
58E		Mono Pump and Motor.
58F		Mobile Dump Bin, 1m x 1m.
58G		Mild Steel Agitator Drum - Skin Salting - No Drive

59		Automatic Blow Pot Lid.
60		Pallet Stainless Steel Offal Hanging Trees.
62		Pair "Keith" 1037 Tallow Press Cages.
63		"Alfa Laval" Stainless Steel Pump.
64	2	Stainless Steel Centrifugal Pumps.
65		Bin Stainless Steel Pipe Off Cuts and Fittings.
66		Stainless Steel Platform Pallet Scale.
67	2	Pallets Stainless Steel Pipe Fittings.
68	Qty	Assorted White and Orange Conveyor Belting.
69		Spool Insulated Copper Cable.
70		Mild Steel Receiver, 1.5m x 750mm.
71		"Arthur" Hydraulic Sheep Head Splitter.
72		"Strapak" Automatic Carton Strapper.
73		"A.B.S" Submersible Pump, 4".
74		"A.B.S" Submersible Pump, 4".
75	10	Round Floodlights.
76		Box Stainless Steel Rod Conveyor Belt.
77		Box Chain Sprockets.
78		Exhaust Fan, 500mm.
79		Screw Conveyor De Watering Screen.
80	2	"F.M.C" Smallstock Stunner Handpieces.
81	17	Pressed Galvanised Pallets.
82		Poly Styrene Door, 4m x 2m.
83		Mono Pump and Electric Motor, Type B609.
84	3	Stainless Steel Light Cabinets.
85		Centrifugal Pump and Motor.
86		"Ajax" Centrifugal Pump and Motor.
87		Stainless Steel Header Tank - 10 Litre.
88		Pullalong and Cable.
89		Pallet Assorted Pipe Fittings and Valves.
90		"Asea" Electric Motor, 15kw, 1450 rpm.
91		"C.M.G" Electric Motor, 30kw, 1420 rpm.
92		"Crompton Parkinson" Electric Motor, 20hp,
		1450 rpm.
93		"Crompton Parkinson" Electric Motor, 60hp,
		1455 rpm.
94		"Crompton Parkinson" Electric Motor, 50hp,
		1460 rpm.
95		"Crompton Parkinson" Electric Motor, 60hp,
		1450 rpm.
96		"Crompton Parkinson" Electric Motor, 20hp,
		2900 rpm.
97		"Crompton Parkinson" Electric Motor, 11hp,
		1455 rpm.
98		"Crompton Parkinson" Electric Motor, 6kw,
		960 rpm.
99		"Brook" Electric Motor, 7.5kw, 960 rpm.
100		"Crompton Parkinson" Electric Motor, 5hp, 930 rpm.
101		"Crompton Parkinson" Electric Motor, 7.5hp,
		2920 rpm.
102		"Crompton Parkinson" Electric Motor, 25hp,
		1450 rpm.
103	2	"M.E.L." Electric Motor, 20hp,
104		"W.E.G" Electric Motor, 15hp, 1440 rpm.
105		Pallet 10 Assorted Electric Motors and Cages.
106		"Radicon" Reduction Drive, Type 21131000.
107		Variable Speed Drive.
108		"Reeve" Reduction Drive and Motor.
109		"Barlow" Reduction Drive, 3kw, 22rpm.
110	2	Centrifugal Pumps.
111		Pallet Assorted Drives, etc.
112		Large Qty Lightweight Thermal Pipe Insulation.
113		"A.N.D" Scale Base and Digital Readout.
114	2	Gate Valves.
115		Pallet Assorted Black Pipe Bends.
116	2	Evaporative Condensors Fans and Motors.
117		"Compton Parkinson" Electric Motor, 30hp, 1460rpm.
118		Electric Motor, 2hp.
119		"Worthington" Ammonia Pump. 5.5hp.
120		"Busch" Vacuum Pump, Model 800.
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Auctioneers & Valuers
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Ph: +61 2 9630 8482 . . Fax: +61 2 9630 8314

Ian Arthy, Peter Olsen, Sandra Goldsmith

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