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Wednesday 14 MAY 2003 at 10:30am

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WEDNESDAY 14th MAY 2003 AT 10.30AM



Buyers Premium 10% - G.S.T Exclusive Auction

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LOT     QTY     DESCRIPTION                                       NOTE
1	2	Pairs Blue Curtains.
2		"Fire Guard" Dry Chemical Fire Extinguisher.
3		Notice Board and Quantity of Pine Shelving.
4		"Evans" Combination Safe, 500 x 400 x 400mm.
5		"Panasonic" Reverse Cycle Air Conditioner.
6	2	Pairs Blue Curtains, Pine Shelving and
7		"Rheem" Lazer Water Boiler and Paper Towel
8		Laminated Bench with Stainless Steel Sink Top.
9		Key Cabinet.
10		Pair of Curtains and Notice Board.
11		Perspex Corner Mirror.
12		"Wormald" Water Fire Extinguisher.
13		"National" Reverse Cycle Air Condidionter.
14		Pair Full Length Lined Curtains.
15		Soap Dispenser, Towel Dispenser, Shower Curtain.
16	2	Soap Dispensers.

17		Timber Picture Rails on Ground Floor.
18		"Panasonic" Reverse Cycle Air Condidioner.
19		Vertical Blind, 3m x 1.8m.
20		"Chubb" Fire Hose Reel.
21	2	"Mirage" Aluminium Frame Security Shutters, 4m and
22		Steel Frame Carport, 7m x 5m.
23		"Panelect" Fire Alarm inlcluding Smoke Detectors
		and Magnetic Door Holders.
23A		"Nova" Biomedical Blood Cp Anyliser.
23B		Walkin Coolroom 5m x 2.5m, with 8 Read Fill Glass
		Doors and Shelving, Remote Compressor.
23C		"Cutler" Three Door Display Refrigerator with
		Motor Above.

24		Stainless Steel Sink, Twin Bowl, 4m x 400mm.
25	3	Assorted Stainless Steel Shelves.
26		Stainless Steel Knife Holder.
27	2	Drums Assorted Cleaners.
28		"Goldstien" Commercial Gas Range, 6 Burner with
		Oven Hot Plate and Griller.
29	4	Notice Boards and Fire Blanket.
30	8	Stainless Steel Tile Corner Protectors.
31		Stainless Steel Bench with Sink, 2.5m with
		Shelf Under.
32		"Rheem" Lazer Water Heater, Soap Dispenser and
		Paper Towel Dispenser.
33		Stainless Steel Sink and Bench, 2.5m.
34		"Panasonic" Reverse Cycle Air Conditoner.
35		"Celair" Air Conditioning Plant in Kitchen with
		Remote Compressor.

36		"Panasonic" Reverse Cycle Air Confitioner.
37		"Chubb" Dry Chemical Fire Extinguisher.
38		Vertical Blinds, Pine Shelves and Notice Board
39		Contents of Office.
40		"Panasonic" Reverse Cycle Air Conditioner.
41		"Chubb" CO2 Fire Extinguisher.
42	3	Vertical Blinds and Notice Board.
43		"Chloride" Standby Power Supply.
44		"Brownbuilt" 2 Drawer Card File.
45		"Rheem" 315 Litre Electric Hot Water Heater.
47		"Davey" Booster Pump.
48		Corrugated Copper Hot Water Tank.
49		"Trane" Air Conditioning Compressor and Filter
		Air Handling Unit, Model 6MPH, 4kw,
		Serial No: A86A3137 and "Southern Air" Condensors.
50		"Trane" Air Conditioning Compressor and Filter
		Air Handling Unit, Model 6MPH, 4kw,
		Serial No: A86A3138 and "Southern Air" Condensors.
51		"Southern Air" Air Conditioning Compressor,
		Model C85, 8hp, Serial No. B424125.
52		Angle Frame Trolley and 4 Trolley Wheels.
53	3	Bays Particle Board Shelving.
54		"Chubb" Powder Fire Extinguisher.
55		"Treco" Garden Shed, 3m x 2m.
56		Contents of Garden Shed.
57		Timber Frame Carport.
58		Contents of Electrical Switchroom, 2 Distribution
		Boards, etc.

59	2	Soap Dispensers, Paper Towel Dispensers and
		Perspex Glove Dispensers.
60		Laminated Bench, Cupbards, Stainless Steel
		Sink and Notice Board.
61		Paper Towel Dispenser, Soap Dispenser.
62		CO2 Fire Extinghisher and Fire Blanket.
63		"Jaymac" Stainless Steel Pan Flusher and
64		Stainless Steel Wash Trough and Cistine.
65		Stainless Steel Laundry Tub.
66		Paper Towel and Soap Dispenser.
67		Mobile Dirty Linen Trolley, 3 Tier.
68		Soap Dispenser, Stainless Steel Laundry Tub,
		Porcelain Sink.
69		Laminated Cupboard and Pine Boar Cupboard.
70	2	Bays Hospital Curtain Track and Curtains.
71		Cupbard, 2 Door.
72		"Emailair" Reverse Cycle Air Conditioner.
73		Hospital Bed Stretching Frame and Weights.
74		Contents of Bathroom, Paper Towel Dispenser and
		Soap Dispenser.
75		Cupboard, Single Door.
76	2	Venetian Blinds.
77		"CMI" Security Cabinet.
78		Paper Towel Dispenser, Soap Dispenser, Exhaust
		Hood and Fan.
79		"Rheem" Lazer Hot Water Boiler and Soap Dispenser.
80		Contents of Bathroom, Strip Heater, etc.
81		Paper Towel Dispenser and Soap Dispenser.
82	2	Bays Curtain Track Rail, Curtains and Venetian
83		"Panasonic" Reverse Cycle Air Conditioner.
84		Contents of Bathroom, Paper Towel Dispenser and
		Soap Dispenser.
85		Safety Glass Swing Doors.
86		Fire Hose Reel.
87		CO2 Fire Extinguisher.
88		Vertical Blind.
89	2	Bays Curtain Track and Curtains.
90		Pair Venetian Blinds.
91		Contents of Bathroom.
92	3	Bays Aluminium Curtain Track.
93	3	Venetian Blinds.
94		Contents of Bathroom.
95	3	Bays Curtain Tracking and Curtains.
96	3	Venetian Blinds.
97		Paper Towel Dispenser Soap Dispenser.
98	Qty	Single Tube Fluorescent Lights on Ground Floor.
99	Qty	Ceiling Fans on Ground Floor.
100	Qty	"Ryobi" Hinged Door Closers on Ground Floor.
101	Qty	Internal Doors on Ground Floor.
102	Qty	Porcelain Sinks and Basins with Tap Fittings on
		Ground Floor.
103	Qty	"Rada" K20 Thermostats on Ground Floor.
104	Qty	Timber Hand Rails.
105	Qty	Emergency "Exit" Signs.

106	7	Receptical Suction Canisters.
107	3	Containers Assorted Fittings.
108	3	Gauges.
109		"Aspen" Blood Circulation System.
110	6	Bays Curtain Track and Curtain.
111	12	Station "Drager" Recovery Air Delivery Services
112		Laminated Cupbard, 4m x 2.5m.
113		Paper Towel Dispenser, Soap Dispenser, Stainless
		Steel Sink, Pine Shelving, etc.
114	3	Clocks and Paper Towel Dispenser.
115		CO2 Fire Extinguisher.
116		Stainless Steel Cladding to Walls in Basement.
117	2	Flexable Lamps.
118	2	Curtain Rails and Curtains.
119	2	"Drager" Recovery Services Outlets.
120		Stainless Steel Sink, 3 Tap Fittings and Shelf.
121		Stainless Steel Sink, 3 Tap Fittings and Shelf.
122	Qty	Hand Scrub.
123		Pair "Swing Flex" Doors.
124		Pair "Swing Flex" Doors.
125		Single "Swing Flex" Door.
126	2	Clocks.
127		"Medilite" X Ray Viewer.
128		"Drager" Air Delvery Services Outlets in Two
		Operating Theatres.
129		Stainless Steel Sink and Shelf over with Paper
		Towel Dispenser.
130		"Swing Flex" Door.
131		Pair "Swing Flex" Doors.
132		Pair "Swing Flex" Doors.
133	2	Clocks.
134		"Medilite" X Ray Viewer.

135		Stainless Steel L Shaped Preparation Bench,
		Four Basin with Shelves Above.
136	Qty	Washing Chemicals.
137		Soap, Towel and "Devo Plus" Dispenser.
138		Laminated Benching and Cupboards in Dispensory.
139		"Quell" Fire Hose Reel and Blanket.
140		Towel Dispenser, Notice Board, "Rheem" Lazer Hot
		Water Heater and Swing Doors.
141		Contents of Male and Female Bathrooms.

142		Pair of "Swing Flex" Doors.
143		"Mitsubishi" Spilt System Air Conditioner.
144		Laundry Tub, Towel and Soap Dispenser.
145		"Johns & Waygood" Elevator, 23 Persons, 1564kg,
		3 Floor.
146		"Compair" Twin Cylinder Air Compressor,
		Model CAR41, 7.5kw with Control Panel, FIlter and
		Air Chiller.
147		"Compair" Twin Cylinder Air Compressor,
		Model CAR41, 7.5kw, Filter and Air Chiller.
148		"Hiross" Air Dryer.
149	Qty	Nitrous Oxide and Oxygen Gas Bottle Manifolds and
150		Copper Piping in Basement Below Timber Floor.
151		Fire Extinguisher CO2.
152	Qty	Single and Twin Tube Flourescent Lights in
153	Qty	"Ryobi" Door Closers in Basement.
154	Qty	Internal Doors in Basement.

155		Fire Hose Reel.
156		CO2 Fire Extinguisher.
157	3	Vertical Blinds.
158	2	Bays Curtain Track and Curtains.
159		"Emailair" Reverse Cycle Air Conditioner.
160		"Panasonic" Reverse Cycle Air Conditioner.
161	2	Vertical Blinds and 2 Wooden Shelves.
162		Contents of Bathroom.
163		"Emailair" Reverse Cycle Air Conditioner.
164	2	Bays Curtain Track and Curtains.
165		"Emailair" Reverse Cycle Air Conditioner.
166		Pair Vertical Blinds and Timber Shelf.
167		Curtain Rail Track, Curtains, Vertical Blind and
		Timber Shelf (Room 17)
168		Laminated Security Shelving.
169		Contents of Three Bathrooms.
170		Curtain Track, Curtains, Timber Shelf and
		Vertical Blind. (Room 18)
171		Curtain Track, Curtains, Timber Shelf and
		Vertical Blind. (Room 19)
172		"Emailair" Reverse Cycle Air Conditioner.
173		Contetns of Bathroom, Three Vertical Blinds and
		Two Timber Shelves.
174		"Emailair" Reverse Cycle Air Conditioner.
175		"Rheem" Lazer Water Heater, and Towel Dispenser.
176		Pair of Safety Glass Doors.
177		"Zexa" Stainless Steel Pan Sterilizer,
		Model 280WS with Two Stainless Steel Pan Racks.
178		"Clark" Laundry Tub, Stainless Steel Sink, Towel
		and Soap Dispensers.
179		Towel and Soap Dispenser.
180		"Emailair" Split System Air Conditioner.
181		Towel and Two Soap Dispenser.
182	5	Wall Mounted Bin Holders.
183		X Ray Veiwer.
184		"Aiphone" Front Door Security Video Intercom.
185		Monitor and Chub Camera in Foyer.
186		"Emailair" Reverse Cycle Air Conditioner.
187		Vertical Blind and Timber Shelf.
188		"Emailair" Reverse Cycle Air Conditioner.
189		Curtain Rail, Curtains, Two Binds and Shelves.
190		CO2 Fire Extinguisher and Fire Blanket.
191		"Emailair" Reverse Cycle Air Conditioner.
192		Curtain Rail, Curtains, Shelf and Vertical Blind.
193		Brass Hanging Chandelier in Stairwell.
194		Contents of Bathroom.
195		"Emailair" Reverse Cycle Air Conditioner.
196		Curtain Rail, Curtains, Two Vertical Blinds, Two
		Timber Shelves.
197		Contents of Bathroom.
198		"Panasonic" Reverse Cycle Air Conditioner.
199	2	Vertical Blinds.
200		Contents of Three Bathrooms.
201		"Wormald" Fire Hose Reel.
202		CO2 Fire Extinguisher.
203		Paper Towel and Soap Dispensers.
204		Curtain Rails, Curtain, Six Vertical Blinds and
		Timber Shelves.
205		Contents of Room 22 and 23, Rail, Curtains,
		Vertical Blinds (4)and Timber Shelfs(3).
206		Contents of Bathroom.
207		Contents of Room 25 (2) Vertical Blinds, Curtain
		Rail, Curtains and Shelf.
208		Vertical Blind.
209	Qty	Single and Twin Tube Flourescent Lights on First
210	Qty	"Ryobi" Door Closers on First Floor.
211	Qty	Internal Doors on First Floor.
212	Qty	Emergency "Exit" Signs on First Floor.
213	Qty	"Rada" K20 Thermastats on First Floor.
214	Qty	Porcelain Sinks and Basins on First Floor.
215	Qty	Timber Hand Rail on First Floor.
216	Qty	"Chub" Security System and Monitors Throughout
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