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LOT     QTY     DESCRIPTION                                       NOTE

1		Galvanised Offal Receival Bin, Inground, 3m x 6m,
		Twin Outfeed Screws.
2		"Bayliss" Belt Conveyor Metal Detector.
3		Stainless Steel Screw Conveyor, 6m x 400mm and
4		"Weiler Grinder" Model 1109 with Spare Worm and
5		Stainless Steel Elevating Screw Conveyor,
		4m x 200mm.
6		"Alfa Laval" Stainless Steel M.G.H. Vessel with
		Hydrastal Centrifugal Pump, 15kw and Stainless
		Steel Tank, 1.5m x 1m, Steam Injected.
7		"Alfa Laval" Separator, Model AFPX213XGP-14.
8		"Alfa Laval" Separator, Model AFPX213XGP-14.
9		Stainless Steel Tank, 1.2m x 1m.
10		Stainless Steel Pipe In Low Temperature Rendering
11		"Alfa- Laval" Centribone Control Panel and
		Stainless Steel Electrical Switchboard.
12		Mild Steel Elevating Screw Conveyor to Dryer, 10m.
13		"Lisbon" Engineering Rotary Gas Fired Dryer,
		Stainless Steel Drum, 14m x 3m, Type RC, Model 7
		with Electrical Control Panel, 16 Gas Burners.
14		"Tomlinson" 700hp Gas Fired Boiler.

15	Qty	Cyclone Mesh Fencing.
16	2	Lengths Gravity Roller Conveyor.
17	3	Assorted Stands.
18		Stainless Steel Tank, 1.25m x 500mm.
19		Stainless Steel Tank, 1m x 500mm.
20		Stainless Steel Rod Top Table, 1m x 500mm and
		Stainless Steel Warick Stand.
21	3	Assorted Stainless Steel Bench Frames.
22		Expanded Mesh Stand, 3m x 1m and Stainless Steel,
23		"Concertina" Expandable Roller Conveyor.
24		Length Stainless Steel Fluming, 3m x 600mm.
25	7	Lengths Assorted Stainless Steel Conveyor Sections
26		Stainless Steel Table, 1.8m x 1.25m.
27		Stainless Steel Plate Top Boning Table, 4m x 1.25m
28	2	Lengths Stainless Steel Belt Conveyor Frames.
29	3	Stainless Steel Table Tops, 2.5m x 1m.
30		Stainless Steel Screw Conveyor, 2m x 150mm.
31		Stainless Steel Shelf, 5m, Stainless Steel Trough,
32	Qty	Alloy and PVC Spaces.
33	3	Assorted Stainless Steel Wall Mounted Benches,
		1.5m x 400mm.
34		Stainless Steel Stand, 3m, 2 x Stainless Steel
		Offal Tables and Stainless Steel Roller Conveyor
35		Stainless Steel Stand, 2.5m x 400mm.
36		Stainless Steel Two Tier Stand, 3m x 400mm.
37		Stainless Steel Stand, 3m x 600mm.
38		Stainless Steel White Belt Conveyor, 3m  and
		Stainless Steel Roller Conveyor, 1m.
39		Stainless Steel Strainer.
40		Stainless Steel Table, 3m x 600mm.
41		"Lemcol" Expanding Roller Conveyor.
42		Stainless Steel Two Tier Table, 2m x 1m, Mobile.
43		Stainless Steel Table, 2m x 1.2m.
44		Stainless Steel Table, 2.5m x 1.2m.
45		Stainless Steel Table, 2.5m x 1.2m.
46		Stainless Steel Table, 2.5m x 1.2m.
47		Stainless Steel Table, 2.5m x 1.2m.
48		Stainless Steel Table, 2.5m x 1.2m.
49		Stainless Steel Table, 1.8m x 1m.
50		Stainless Steel Table, 2m x 2m with Two Bagging
51		Stainless Steel Table, 3m x 1.5m with Two Bagging
52	2	Stainless Steel Tables, 1m and 2m.
53		Stainless Steel Tables, 3m x 1.2m.
54		Stainless Steel Tables, 1.4m x 1.5m, Two Bagging
55		Stainless Steel Tables, 1.2m x 750mm.
56		Stainless Steel Tables, 2.5m x 1.2m.
57		Stainless Steel Frame Poly Link belt Conveyor,
		9m x 600mm.
58		Stainless Steel Two Tier Belt Conveyor,
		10m x 600mm.
59	Qty	Assorted Galvanised Gravity Roller Conveyor.
60	2	Assorted Stainless Steel Frame Conveyor Sections,
		6m x 4m.
61	Qty	(6) Gravity Roller Conveyor Sections.
62		Conveyor Belt with Elevating Spaces.
63		Stainless Steel Frame Two Tier Belt Conveyors, 6m.
64		Gravity Roller Conveyor on Stainless Steel Frame,
		Approx 6m.
65	3	Lengths Assorted Belt Conveyor Frames with Driver,
		7m and 3m.
66	3	Assorted Stainless Steel Frame Belt Conveyors, 3m
		and 1m.
67	2	Assorted Stainless Steel Frame Conveyors, 1.2m and
68		"Cryovac" Stainless Steel Frame Poly Link Conveyor
		8m x 500mm with 90deg Bend.
69	2	Lengths Stainless Steel Gravity Roller Conveyor,
		Approx 15m with 2 Bends.
70	Qty	Assorted Gravity Roller Conveyor, Approx 15m with
		2 Bands.
71		Stainless Steel Frame Poly Link Conveyor,
		7m x 600mm.
72		Stainless Steel Frame Poly Link Conveyor,
		9m x 600mm.
73	3	Lengths Gravity Roller Conveyor.
74		Stainless Steel Frame Poly Link Conveyor,
		8m x 600mm.
75	5	Lengths Assorted Stainless Steel Conveyor Frame.
76		"Busch" Type 630-212 Vacuum Pump, Vacuum .5m Bar.
77		Stainless Steel Screw Conveyor with De Watering
		Screen, 2.5m.
78		"Mirinz" Loin Deboner, Type 800 Saddle.
79		"Boby" Stainless Steel Rotary Screen,
		800mm x 300mm.
80		Stainless Steel Rotary Screen, 1.2m x 600mm.
81		"Weber" Derinder, Type ASB1000.
82	2	Stainless Steel Framed White Belt Conveyors,
		Each 2m x 600mm.
83	2	Stainless Steel Conveyor Frames.
84		"Ghibli" Autowrap 900 Meat Overwrapper.
85		"Securepack" 15.2 Lamb Carcase Gas Flush Vacuum
		Sealer, with Vacuum Pump and Booster,
		Model ZR897.
86		"Securepack" 15.2 Lamb Carcase Gas Flush Vacuum
		Sealer, with Vacuum Pump and Booster,
		Model ZR897.
87		Pallet Hydraulic Hoses and V Belts.
88		Pallet Plastic Rail Gates.
89		Pallet Warwick Bin Lids.
90		Pallet of 3 Geared Drives.
91	3	Assorted Motors.
92		Pallet Motors and Air Curtain.
93		Pallet of 4 Geared Drives.
94		"CP" 37kw Electric Motor, 2930 rpm.
95		Pallet Assorted Electric Motors.
96		Pallet Assorted Pumps and Motors.
97		Pallet 3 Electric Motors, 30kw, 1450 rpm, etc.
98	2	Pallets "Brentwood" Shredder Parts.
99		Electric Motor.
100	3	Pallets Geared Drives and Pumps.
101	2	Pallets Switchboards and Electric Cable.
103		Pallet PVC Gambrels and Slides.
104	2	Locker Stands and Pallet Rollers.
105		Pallet PVC Poly Link Conveyor Belt.
106		Stainless Steel Framed Conveyor Sections, 4m.
107		Stainless Steel Frame Polylink Conveyor,
		3m x 600mm.
108	3	Pallets Assorted Stainless Steel Frames.
109	4	Air Circulators.
110	2	Stainless Steel Personnel Handwashs, 3 Station.
111		Pallet Assorted Stainless Steel Handwash
112		Stainless Steel Handwash Sterilizers.
113		"Mercon" Stainless Steel White Belt Conveyor,
		2m x 600mm.
114		Stainless Steel Trough 2m x 1m with Stainless
		Steel Inserts.
115		Stainless Steel Conveyor, 3m x 400mm, 90 deg Bend.
116		Stainless Steel Table, L Shaped.
117		Stainless Steel Framed Polylink Conveyor,
		2m x 400mm.
118		Stainless Steel Framed Polylink Conveyor,
		1.8m x 500mm.
119		Stainless Steel Trough, 2m x 600mm and 2 Stainless
		Steel Tops.
120		Carton Weighstation.
121		Stainless Steel Handwash Sterilizer and Stainless
		Steel Motor Covers.
122		Pallet 2 "Boss Stretch" Bag Clippers, etc.
123		Pallet Assorted Water Chillers, etc.
124	5	Pallets Assorted Stainless Steel Pipe, Pumps,
		Drives, Fan, Etc.
125		Length Powered Roller Conveyor, 3m.
126		Double Ended Grindstone Knife Sharpener.
127		Pallet Hydraulic Power Pack, Ammonia Pump, etc.
128		Pallet Belt Conveyor Drives, etc.
129		Pallet Ammonia Pump, Belt Drives, etc.
130		Pallet "Southern Cross" Multi Stage Pump, etc.
131		Pallet Motors, Pumps, etc.
132		Pallet Stainless Steel Pumps, etc.
133		Pallet Air Curtain, etc.
134		Pallet Diaphragm Pump, etc.
135		"Bizzerba" Scale and Ticket Printer.
136		"Gerni" 660 Pressure Washer.
137	2	Stainless Steel Tray Frames, 3m x 2m x 1m.
138	2	Galvanised Gate Frames.
139	Qty	Pipe Machine Stands, and Platforms.
140	36	Assorted Galvanised Carton Freezer Stillages.
141		Horizontal Ammonia Accumulator, 4m x 1.5m on
142		Pair Fuel Oil Supply Pumps on Stand.
143	7	Pallets Assorted Refrigeration Compressors, and
144		Vertical Ammonia Intercooler, 1.5m x 750mm.
145	6	Assorted FDC Units, Air Curtains, Drip Trays,
		Switchboards, etc.
146		"Braemar" Roof Mounted Evaporative Cooler,
		2m x 2m x 2m.
147		Pair Fans, each 1m.
148		Mild Steel Tank Mounted On Trailer, 5m x 1.5m.
149		Mild Steel Frame.
150	Qty	Stainless Steel Pipe.
151		"White" Evaporative Condensor.
152		Electric Motor.
153		"Ingersol Rand" 3 Cylinder Air Compressor, 20hp.
154		"Fullion" Hot Water Boiler.
155		"C.P" 6 Cylinder Ammonia Refrigeration Compressor,
156		"C.P" 6 Cylinder Ammonia Refrigeration Compressor,
157		"C.P" 6 Cylinder Ammonia Refrigeration Compressor,
158	Qty	Lagged Ammonia Pipe.
159		"White" Evaporative Condenser.
160		"BAC" Evaporative Condenser, Model VXCS254.
161		Evaporative Condenser, 3 Fan.
162	6	Assorted Lengths, Stainless Steel Fluming,
		45m x 600mm Total.
163		Galvanised Lengths and Mild Steel Lengths.
164		Pallet Poly Styrene, Assorted.
165		Mild Steel Lengths and Stock Rack.
166		Mild Steel Set of Stairs.
166A		Mild Steel Platforms, Fluming Stand, etc.
167		Stainless Steel Frame Elevating Conveyor, 6m x 1m.
168		Rail, Chain, etc.
169	2	Galvanised Pipe Sections, ea 6m x 100mm.
170		Auger, Mobile, 5m.
171		Part Mild Steel Dock Leveller.
172		Stainless Steel Gear Pump, Mono Pump, Stainless
		Steel Centrifugal Pump, etc (12 in Total)
173		Stainless Steel Clad Bucket Elevator.
174		Stainless Steel Save All Unit, 3 Compartment,
		6m x 1.2m x 1.2m.
175	3	Stainless Steel tanks, 2m x 1.25m x 1m.
176		Stand, 4m x 2m.
177		Pallet Instant Bitumen.
178	Qty	Dock Truck Pump Pads.
179		Switchboards, Steps, Screen Flights, etc.
180		Stainless Steel Tank, 2.5m x 1.25m x 1m.
181	Qty	Black Poly Pipe, Approx 15 Lengths.
182	3	Forkable Offal Bins, Pallet Melwire, etc.
183		Irrigatior Hose Winder.
184		Portable Shed, 3 Rooms, 40' x 10',
		(Rough Condition).
185		Drawn Road Roller, 1.5m.
186		Mild Steel Platforms, Stand, etc.
187		Mild Steel Auto Tallow Percolators.
188		Mild Steel Pipe, refrigeration Parts, Valves, etc.
189		Mild Steel Batch Cooker, Incomplete.
190		Mild Steel Trommel Wash, 7m x 2m on Stand with
		Receival Tank.
191		Mild Steel Offal Receival Bin, 7m x 3m x 4m,
		Tapered, Twin Outfeed Screens.
192		Mild Steel Offal Bin Frame Only.
193		"Ford" Louiville 9000 Prime Mover, Bogie Drive,
		Not Registered.
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